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Kelbie Home Services can tackle any obstacle, ranging from repairing roof damage caused from natural disruption, to new installation.

Roof upkeep is imperative and directly impacts the structural integrity of the home. Establishing and consistently maintaining a structurally sound, definitively secure roof will ensure that your home is energy efficient and protected from natural hazards. While the roof serves as your home’s key defense against the elements, it is also the most vulnerable component of the architecture.

There are several causes of roof damage, including debris, weather disruption, faulty gutters, water damage and animal interaction. We encourage frequent roof check-ups to uncover signs of damage in its inaugural stage and work towards preventing future issues. Some noticeable changes in the house’s exterior could be influenced by unknown roofing flaws.


With our heavy seasonal rains any defect in the gutters could result in damage to you home very quickly. Gutters are essential for every Florida home, properly installed and maintained they drain the water away from roof and foundation. When the gutter system is weak, water will run beneath the roof shingles and weaken the roof construction. Water concentration due to a leaking gutter system can create a cracked foundation and lead to water entering the home. The gutters even have the potential to break off if damage becomes severe and repair is neglected. 

Identifying the signs of gutter repair early could protect your home from further damage. Age can be an indicator, with the lifespan of a gutter an estimated 15 to 20 years. If you notice any pooled water, cracks, rust, leaking or changes in airflow, gutter inspection would be incredibly beneficial.


Boost your home’s aesthetic value with a fresh coat of paint! Our exterior and interior paint services showcase the beauty of your home through our expert craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that fit every taste, and enjoy the consequential positive impact on both your home’s visual appeal and protecting your home from the damaging sun. 

Your house is your home, and should be tailored to family’s unique personality and taste. Proper interior and exterior paint add character to your home and aid the development of your home’s persona. Reflect your personality through your home decor while increasing the overall aesthetic value with our expert painting services.

Fresh paint also presents significant health and safety benefits for your home. For example, painting services reduce mold and diminishes dust production. Freshly painted doors and trim make sanitizing them much easier.  We can tell you the best type of paint for each surface. 

Decks & Power Washing

A beautiful patio / deck can become a defining characteristic of a home, providing a scenic space to entertain guests and create memories outdoors. Establish your home as the go-to destination for all social gatherings with an expertly crafted and consistently maintained deck. From hosting summer barbecues with your neighborhood friends to simply relaxing in the crisp autumn air while your kids are at school, a patio is a truly social structure.

There are many benefits to having a patio for your home. The incorporation of a patio can increase the overall living space of your home and boost your home’s potential market value. This singular addition makes a noticeable impact on the visual appeal of your home. However, these structures can be easily neglected, leading to damage and calling for immediate repair. Kelbie Home Services provides essential deck upkeep and repair to restore the value of your home and strengthen the patio / deck’s structural safety for your family.

Power Washing driveways, walkways, bricks, patios, decks and homes keep your investment shining and extends the life of the concrete. we use cleaners that will not harm your home or lawn, they are non-toxic and biodegradable.   

Mobile Home Services

You will find many companies don't work on mobile homes, especially mobile home roofs. At Kelbie Home Services we have made it our goal to learn the unique requirements of ALL types of homes.  Your home is important and we are here to help. Older mobile homes had  design flaws that limit the weight of the roof. Because of this many licensed roofers don't work on them. Knowing the limits and the appropriate materials for each job is extremely important.

Every service we off we can do on mobile homes! Just call and schedule your free estimate today.

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